When Nema and her friends discover a hidden sugar-hooked society holding lost kids, they find their perfect world in danger. The strange, sticky place hides the truth about Nema’s missing brother, and a plot to destroy the free life she knows. But only they can reverse a code to prevent a rock candy robot invasion and rescue the captives. Fail and they might never make it back home...

MOOJAG and the Auticode Secret, our award-winning dystopian, cli-fi mystery is a quirky adventure featuring neurodivergent cast and autistic/dyslexic/adhd main characters, for readers 10 years and up, recommended as a family read due to the thought-provoking concepts and subject matter introduced. Set in the utopian world of post-catastrophe 'Surrey Isles', Britain 2054, where neurodivergents live in harmony with nature and technology, and the hidden dystopian 'Gajoomdom'.

Anyone who has ever felt different or had trouble fitting in will identify with this story about finding the strength to be your true self. A fun, Alice-esque adventure revealing what it means to be neurodivergent, in a way that’s relatable to all.

Fans of Dahl, Baum and Carroll, will love MOOJAG.

Profits from the book to fund future neurodivergent publications by Spondylux Press.